May all who dwell here upon this sacred land; permanent and transient, human and animal,
rocks and trees, birds and insects, wind and rain, be blessed and protected.

Using the ancient wisdom of Vastu Shastra to create a truly sacred space for your yoga or spiritual retreats, workshops and teacher training we offer you a very special location in support of your transformation, growth and overall wellness.

Here at AHKí, regardless of the nature of your visit, you will find respite along your journey through life amongst our tranquil and healing surroundings, because, by honoring and aligning with the Universal energies through Vastu, we create the environment that will enhance our well being, deepen our consciousness and strengthen our connection to the greater good.

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Join us!

AHKí supports many kinds of retreats, be it yoga and meditation, dance and music workshops, art and photography, writing, cooking, personal development or spiritual growth, we are here to hold the space in beautiful Costa Rica!

Come visit AHKí and experience the “supreme bliss” of Vastu!